About Me

Hi! I’m Preethi Shanbhag — I am a Consultant Psychiatrist practising at Shimoga, Karnataka. I have a special interest in working with children with special needs and behavioural issues. As my father was a psychiatrist and we had a hospital already, I grew up with the predetermined plan to become one. But it was only during my post grad that I realised how very fascinating the subject was. Now, I am a psychiatrist because I really love what I do.

This is also the reason why I get highly perturbed when myths and misconceptions about mental ill health and its treatment are propounded by a lot of people. The stigma surrounding anything “mental” makes it all the more difficult for the sufferer to seek help.

I hear and see such stories every day in my practice. Stories of courage stemming from unexpected places, stories which involve suffering, stories which seem too fantastic to be true and those that make you redevelop a faith in humanity.

This blog is my attempt at sharing a few of those stories (confidentiality protected).

I parallely hold the post of  “amma” to two children, which I consider the more demanding of my two professions! In my downtime (or what is left of it), I enjoy reading, travelling and cooking. So, you might find posts about these creeping in from time to time.

Hope you enjoy reading….